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Customer reviews and testimonials can play a vital role in persauding new customers to buy from you for the first time. Integrating customer reviews and testimonials into your ads provides prospects with the social proof they need to become customers.

Although simply asking customers can be enough, the value of reviews makes it worthwhile to take steps to increase your response rate.

Creating a system which consistently  makes it easy and desirable for customers to provide reviews will pay dividends in increased conversions and ROAS.

With reviews being so valuable, optimising response rate while getting useable content in the right format. A 30 second testimonial can generate millions of dollars 



Why social proof works 


Add it to your post-purchase sequence

Integrate your request for a review it into your post-purchase email sequencetimes for when the customer will have had the chance to receive and try the product.

Make it win/win

While some customers will provide reviews with little prompting, incentivising them with a gift or benefit will help you to maximise your response rate. A percentage or cash amount refund on their purchase provides the highest incentive (and will result in the highest response rates), while a gift card or promo code for their next purchase works best to motivate those already intending repurchase i.e. your most satisfied customers. Offering customers a $10 gift card to your store in exchange for a 20-50 second long review.

Tell them exactly what you want…

One of the keys to getting customers to take action is to make it easy. Minimise the amount of thinking required by the customer by simply telling them exactly what you want. This will not only help ensure you get it, but will also help people from falling into paralysis.

…but keep it brief

Short succinct instructions are not just more likely to be read, they’re more likely to be followed.

We recommend asking customers to shoot the video in portrait mode on their smartphone or tablet, clearly showing their face, mentioning your company name, and reviewing your product/their shopping experience.

Match their preferred communication style

People like to consume their content in different forms. Some people like to read content, others prefer video and others graphics. Cover all three by writing your instructions as well as providing them in video and graphic form.

Maker it easy to submit

Ask customers to simply send the review from their advice via email.

Have your support team go through them 

Make sure you get consent to use in your ads and on your website 

Add to re-targeting and cold traffic ads 

Use them as a pillar of your cold traffic (along with hook, benefits